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     Mori Building Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Creation is a professional wood flooring, engineered flooring and outdoor flooring in the development, production, sale, installation and service integration integrated enterprise.
    Factories in the southern Chinese coastal city of Shenzhen, bordering Hong Kong, covering over 30,000 square meters, beautiful environment, with from Germany, Italy, Japan, the introduction of the various wood processing equipment and advanced production technology, "excellence, continuous improvement "spirit," choose quality, creating famous brand "of consciousness. Crafted to create products - creating Sen floor.
    Company to ensure the diversification of products imported from around the world burden of heavily quality natural precious wood, and South America, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and other places to establish a long-term timber supply and trade cooperation and friendly relations in the production process, from selection, drying, sorting, processing, painting, color, packaging, and dozens of strict procedure, every process, have developed a strict standard operating procedures to ensure product quality stability.
    The company has high-quality staff and excellent product quality, but also have first-class professional pavement technology and good after-sales service for every customer to create a user profile, the computer tracking management and floor care services to provide customers with .
    "Hard work, striving for perfection" is our creed, so creating Sen floor in your limited space, creating infinite moods, and building the future of your better life.


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